Why you should style and furnish your home...

  • Your home will stand out from the crowdmotivate people to view your home after seeing the advertisement on the internet or newspaper.
  • People stay in furnished homes longer when they are inspecting – rather than a quick peek into every empty room, they are drawn to the detail and beauty of objects and arrangements and these are more likely to stay in their memory.
  • People buy property not purely from a logical/rational standpoint – we need to connect to the emotional side. By styling a property in a way that people aspire to live in, we are contributing to a better sale price over a shorter timeframe.
  • Styling is not interior decorating for the vendors – it is about appealing to the widest demographic possible. 
  • Providing an uncluttered stylish home will make it appear bigger while maintaining a warm, cozy atmosphere.
  • Styling and furnishing helps buyers focus on the lifestyle the property offers and remove unwanted distractions.
  • Empty rooms look smaller and imperfections more obvious. Furnishing and styling enable buyers to gain ideas on how to utilise space, on what function a room might serve and can overcome objections to difficult colour schemes/spaces.

We just wanted to say a big thank you for your assistance during the sale of our property. The speed and efficiency in which you were able to meet with us, determine the appropriate furnishings and install them was outstanding. Your professionalism in your approach to the brief, together with your ongoing communication with us was very much appreciated given the difficulties we had encountered prior to engaging your business to assist with our sales campaign.

Olivia and Nick Kordaris

I would also like to thank you for all your help and professionalism throughout the whole process. Using your services definitely made a difference in the sale of the house, from attracting buyers at inspections to the final sale price. I would definitely recommend The Property People to anyone I knew that was selling their property .


You’ve possibly heard that our house sold at auction several weeks ago. We were delighted at the result and believe a number of factors assisted us in achieving this, for the big part you and your business played – THANK YOU! We couldn’t have asked for better advice, service, attention to detail, flexibility and the quality of your furniture was brilliant, again thank you! For what it’s worth I would be delighted to positively recommend your business to anyone embarking on the journey of selling a house .

Chris , Geelong West

Thanks again for another great staging job , the property looks great we will continue to use your services on future developments .

Karen, Ocean Grove

Great news - Our property sold at auction on Saturday! We had several comments about how great the furnishings looked and I was really happy with your service. Thanks again .

Clare - Myer Street, Geelong

The property has sold quickly and for a great price, No doubt due in part to the fantastic styling. Thanks for all your help

Rachel St Cloud Court Highton

Thanks for the great styling my friends couldn’t believe the quality of the furniture it made such a difference

Nikki , Mercer Parade , Newtown

I really do think your service was fantastic and also affordable. I thought the price would be out of our reach and I also thought it was something only 'wealthier' grander homes would employ. I was wrong though and I would recommend it for anyone no matter how large or small their house. It certainly made our place look so inviting and contributed to our quick sale. Thanks again

Joanne, Taits Road, Barwon Heads

Thanks very much for that. Karen was clearly blown away with your work on her property so well done and thank you

Will Agent

Thank you for your professional service and communication while supplying us furniture to help sell our house. As the house was vacant just before we sold it and we no longer lived in the area, the house looked so bare and boring without any furniture. Once we were in contact with your company, it was a smooth and easy process to make our house look fantastic and inviting. All the furniture along with the many beautiful bits and pieces were placed perfectly in every room creating a stylish look that really complimented the house. We ended up selling the house in 2 weeks and we have your efforts and service to thank for such a successful sale. We would definitely recommend your service to others. Thanks

Brent Prismall East Geelong